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Physically Fit Teens Cuts Suicidal Tendencies

Physically Fit = Less Severe Depression

If your work schedule allows it, make a point to exercise outdoors in the morning, even during chilly winter days. Less exposure to natural light combined with little exercise is the major cause of the winter doldrums that leads to depression and SAD,  otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder. As the sun is rising in the morning, it provides brighter light to alter the body’s biological rhythm.

Many studies claim that the most effective way of treating Seasonal Affective Disorder is by exposing bright light to patients shortly after awakening in the morning and doing aerobic exercise. By including an early am work out, you’re getting more light than you otherwise might have than fighting depression with just plain exercise alone!

SAD is a common condition in Sweden. The increased suicidal attempts among Swedes aged from 10-45 years lead to many studies to test the cause and effectiveness of various treatments on Seasonal Affective Disorder, including light therapy.

Strong Correlation Between Being Physically Fit Teen and Reduced Risk of Suicide Later in Life

Physically Fit teenInterestingly one study learned that there is a strong correlation between being in great physical shape during teenage years and having a reduced risk of suicide later in life. The study grouped roughly 340,000 brothers and focused on factors that may be hereditary and the relationship of their home living environmental conditions. They learned that there is a strong link between being in good fitness condition as a young person and a reduced risk in suicidal behaviour and severe depression later in life.

Exercise Has Positive Effect on Brain Function

Exercise has been shown to have a highly positive effect on brain function.  More nerve cells are developed with aerobic fitness. It was theorized that the brain can become more resistant to different types of stress put on it if physical activity is part of your life.  Scientists recommend to encourage your teen to be very physically active for later life time benefits.

Encourage Your Teen to Be Physically Fit and Active

“You can alter your brain for the better with physical fitness. Regular monitored workouts with a certified personal trainer are can have a stronger impact than antidepressants for helping people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Physical exercise is proven to change the level of serotonin in your brain and it increases your endorphin levels, your feel good hormones,” according to ACSM certified personal trainer Andre Noel Potvin.

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