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Food Labeling Rules

Food Labeling Now Must Declare the Presence of Potential Allergens

With new Canadian food labeling rules, manufacturers of prepackaged, processed foods must list certain ingredients that could trigger allergic reactions in susceptible consumers. That means that labels will have to declare the presence of peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, wheat and triticale, eggs, milk, soybeans, shellfish, crustaceans, fish and mustard seeds. Gluten sources and sulphite additives also must be listed on the package.

No Mandatory Labeling of  GMO

food-labelingDespite intensive campaigning and 10 years of polling (that show more than 80% of Canadians want  labels), there is no mandatory labeling of  GMO foods in Canada. More than 40 countries around the world have labeling laws including Europe, China and Russia.

Don’t be fooled when something says “organic

Don’t be fooled when something  has an “organic” food label on it. This does not mean  that it is GMO-free when in fact, it can contain up to 30% GMOs. To be sure the label must say  100% organic.

Seek products that are specifically labeled as non-GMO or GMO-free follow the &

Both have great smart phone apps worth downloading for quick reference.