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Functional Medicine - Change Your Brain

How Is Your Brain Working?

functional medicineDr. Mark Hyman and his book “The UltraMind Solution: Healthy Body, Powerful Mind” shares with us how the mind affects the body, and what impact does the body have on the mind.

He explores how addressing our diet  (including various food sensitivities and allergies), sleep patterns, exercise habits, and the level of toxins in our body radically transform our brain function thus deeply influence mood, memory, and attention span.

Changing Your Body Will Change Your Brain

Hyman shares how that changing your body will change your brain thus ridding us from depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental disturbances.

If You Haven’t Heard About Functional Medicine You Will Soon

Unhealthy lifestyles have brought on a social epidemic of “diabesity,” says author Mark Hyman a functional medicine doctor, and community-driven solutions may be the only way out.

Make Conscious Decisions About What You Put in Your Body