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Good Posture and Your Health

Take Steps to Reverse Bad Posture

GOOD POSTUREUnless you take steps to reverse bad posture, by the time you reached your 70’s, you have likely lost 4 or 5 cm of height.  A seriously rounded back is a contributing factor to almost every single age-related issue you don’t want.

Dowager’s Hump

That hunched over forward rounded posture in medical terms is called hyperkyphosis.  It develops when muscles can not longer hold the weight of the head and torso and there the chest and spine gradually cave into the hunched over position. In worst case scenarios, it becomes the dowager’s hump. That slumped forward posture, if allowed to mature puts you with the same medical issues as osteoporosis.

Computer Age – The Forward-Leaning Head

With the plague of the computer age the forward-leaning head, rounded shoulders, and sunken chest that used to be the signature posture of old age, is quickly becoming almost universal in today’s modern society. The problems this causes are only becoming newly recognized.

If you start out with a good posture, the deterioration of posture won’t really be noticeable until around age 45 to 50, when the first signs of aging become apparent. If you already have a slumped over posture, however, the health of your back will deteriorate even faster once aging undermines your body’s ability to resist the downward pull of gravity.

Posture is an Important Dimension of Fitness

Elite personal trainers know that posture is an important dimension of fitness training that can not be ignored. If you already have an exercise routine, it’s important to add a posture-balancing component to it. Having a personal trainer to set a fitness routines to build core strength is a great place to start. Yoga is particularly useful because it trains the spine to keep functioning in all six planes of motion. This in turn keeps the discs more lubricated and moist—counteracting the drying out of the discs that is the other factor in losing height.

Straightening Up Throughout The Day Can Change Your Life

Nothing has greater impact on your posture than your day-to-day habits. It takes time and patience to rebuild posture and new muscle mass to hold you upright and reshape tissues that have frozen into the wrong shape. However, the simple act of straightening up throughout the day can change your life. Literally. As you regain your normal spinal curves and open up your posture, you will begin to feel better all over. You will also be laying a safer foundation for your long-term health.


Pain, Posture and Function Analysis

Andre Noel Potvin will perform this two-hour musculoskeletal assessment which includes a 1.5-hour evaluation and a 30-minute exercise session that will teach you how to train effectively and pain free to maximize results while minimizing your risk for injury and help you remain functionally independent.

Should you require a medical report for your injury claim, Andre will write a detailed injury report and a specially designed exercise prescription in conjunction with your medical professional.


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