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Shawn Adair

Which course did you take at Infofit? 

Personal Training Full Time Diploma.

Where you are working ?

8410 Fraser street, Vancouver, I focus on rehab, mobility, powerlifting, calisthenics and bodybuilding.

How has life has been since you have graduated from Infofit?

It started off slow then gradually got more busy as I gained more knowledge. I’m 11 years in now and absolutely love my job. Helping people is a huge passion I’m happy Infofit got me started off on the right path, have never stop learning/educating since the course and continue to move forward every day!

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Personal Training Full Time Diploma Course


Infofit is in compliance with the WorkSafe BC and the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders. Personal Training Certification Courses are in person. Please visit Standards of Safety for more information.