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When HIIT Turns Deadly

Escalate Your Fitness Goals with HIIT

HIITWith the growing popularity of High-intensity interval training, everyday exercise enthusiasts can reach performance goals, weight-loss, enhance fitness and well-being.  The evidence is very solid that HIIT can escalate your fitness goals in less time. However, HIIT is not entirely safe. Depending on physical condition, people can have a catastrophic situation while working out or afterwards.

With the media’s growing popularity of healthy fit living and eating clean, inactive middle aged people, particularly male baby boomers are joining gyms more than ever. They love the convenience of the quick fix 7 minute full body weight workout HIIT, the leading 2014 fitness trend. These fitness enthusiasts learn that high-intensity interval training will give them the big bang-for-the-buck. They goes for it, in full force,  only to have a physical catastrophic outcome.

Major Health Concern is the Risk of Heart Attack

The major health concern is the risk of heart attack, stroke, or some other tragic event during training. This happens particularly for people who have a history cardiovascular issues including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking and sedentary lifestyle.

Personal trainers are advised to require clients to have a physical exam,  clearance from their doctor and exercise stress test before considering such intense training.

HIIT Training is Not For the Novice

The preparation strategy is to build up gradually. Start with a few sets and add few new exercises each time. Sometimes it’s worth holding back. This can be particularly tough for those ‘high achievers’, and belief of their own invincibility. There is a progression to the training. Individuals should be able tolerate this and understand and accept that there are increased risks (both musculoskeletal and cardiovascular) associated with this exercise method. Overtraining precaution is advised for middle-aged and baby boomers.  HIIT training is not for the novice exerciser, nor is it for one who hasn’t been training regularly.

As you drift into middle age, active lifestyle and fitness are great but HIIT can be kept safe if you follow slow progression. And remember to include regular screening tests and check-ups.

Pros & Cons of HIIT

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