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Things You Need to Know When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a Personal Trainer can help you transform

If you’ve always wanted to hire a personal trainer to put an end to your weight gain/loss and be transformed into someone like the photos in a magazine, the truth is for most people is that they have no idea what they are getting into when signing on that dotted line.

hire a personal trainer vancouverWithout a shadow of a doubt that hiring a personal trainer was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made; however 30 minutes into my 1st session left me thinking was more along the lines of “What the hell.” So, to help you get over that inner ego argument and the hesitation of hiring a personal trainer, here are few things I wish I knew before I took the health and beauty plunge.

It can be awkward

After 40 sessions or so, I am unsure that I’ll ever get used to having someone standing over me while I struggle to do moves that are as simple to my trainer as breathing. There is a significant vulnerability involved in hiring someone to whoop your butt into shape and if you thought planking and downward dogging and were uncomfortable enough in front of fellow gym goers, it’s no more fun when your trainer tests to see how tight you’re holding your abs, quads and glutes you don’t yet have going for every movement.

Kind of intimate

The first time my trainer stretched me, my brain was like, “the only time people put feet this high is when…” By all means, I wouldn’t call stretching sexy, when your body is like a pretzel, all tangled up with your personal trainer of the opposite sex and he’s asking “how does that feel?” and you’re thinking “I hope I can walk later,” there’s a certain level of intimacy between you both. Consider the fact that this person knows your weight, which most folks keep silent and take to their grave.

Your fitness trainer is there to motivate you to go farther. Unless there is pain, you will complete that super set, wave that battle rope and swing that kettlebell. And don’t ever be fooled by your fitness trainer giving you a choice of which exercises you want to do; essentially it’s like choosing how you want to die so not much of a choice at all.

You might nearly cry

There is nothing I hate more in the world than showing weakness followed by being emotional,  so when I first started bootcamp training and nearly cried after three sessions in a row. I was ready to be done. Then my friend sent me a text. One of those cheesy “It’s not going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s gonna be worth it!” memes and I got my mindset right and pushed forward.

As an unfit person coming in, the first few workouts will be hard and your body will likely hurt afterwards, sometimes making you feel like you simply can’t rise up to the challenge. But honestly “this too shall pass.” Maybe not the soreness, which is fat crying, but the improvements with your ability to execute the exercises and, of course, the thrill of seeing the fat melt away will keep you motivated to come back.

You will be watched

Part of the difficult time when I began training wasn’t just the fact that my trainer was spotting me and with my struggles, it felt like everyone in the gym was watching me huff-n-puff. I told myself “those people aren’t watching you,” to psyche myself up to just focus myself, then it seemed every time I return to the gym, someone asked “how’s your training going?” “You train with Miss Fitness professional, how is she?” “I see you are working hard, you’re looking super good.” It’s nice with the compliments and all, but the fact is that most people want personal trainers but they just don’t all want to pay for them, which is why they will stare down  your workout session as they contemplate whether they should invest and so they too can get hot like you.

Your PT becomes your therapist too

These are my personal trainer’s words, not mine. While I don’t suggest you lead the choir talking about your spouse, or that you had a crisis at work, personal trainers understand that training isn’t just a physical task, it’s mental too, and if you’re stressed and your mind isn’t clear, you’re not going to have a decent workout session. And especially if you’re an emotional eater, have the possibility to OD on food too. Certain stressors will slow your progress, your trainer will tap in to know what’s keeping you from achieving those goals. To remedy this, the trainer will very likely take time out of their schedule to help you achieve them.

PT’s are artists and knowledgeable about their stuff

Avoid any debates with your trainer.  Sure, you know your body, but they also know exercise physiology and sports nutrition. Don’t waste their time trying to convince them that it’s a good idea to skip on that protein shake to save calories for tonight’s Jack & Coke. After all, they are experts and the agreement is to let them tell you what to or not to eat and drink, how far to run and much to lift. Otherwise, when you are measured, step on the scale and there’s no progress for weeks of training you. Your trainer will not be happy.

Worth every penny

No lie, personal training has a cost, but many personal trainers will shape a program unique for you so it is manageable mentally and financially. One size does not fit all, so be sure to hire the ideal PT for your fitness goals. Their certifications and expertise often correlate with their rates.  So, if you also want to see results and train hard, personal training is the best route to go. This lasting impression will help you throughout your life, so it may be expensive but worth every penny.