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How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer Education Program

become a personal trainerInfofit is a school for aspiring and established Fitness Professionals. We have been in business since 1989 and have taught thousands of students to become certified Personal Trainers.

Infofit offers a wide range of courses designed to suit your needs.

Infofit courses are tax deductible

Infofit teaches 4 different ways. We frequently get asked the difference between our courses for the Fast Track Personal Trainer Program, Personalized Fast Track Program , Full Time Personal Trainer Certification Program and On-Line Personal Trainer Certification Program .

All four formats of the Personal Training certification programs teach the information that is required to pass the BCRPA, ACE, ACSM or NSCA exams. The most obvious difference comes in the duration, depth and hands on experience required to complete the program.

All of the programs contain 3 different modules, Fitness Theory, Personal Trainer Basics (Weight Training) and Personal Trainer Comprehensive. During the foundation courses the student will learn basic anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise analysis, exercise safety, and the fundamental principles of conditioning for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.  During the Personal Trainer Comprehensive course, the student will get more in depth with a series of physical fitness assessments, a comprehensive health screening and heart disease risk profile assessment; learn to develop a basic fitness program for apparently healthy individuals , teach safe effective exercises and stretches.

Personal Training Fast Track Program

The Fast Track Program is a 3 course program taken over 6-weekends or 12 weeknight with 84 hours of in class instruction. The program is taught with our accelerated and innovative learning techniques. The classes are very hands-on, interactive and are taught in the gym and classroom. You will be engaged by our visual, auditory and experiential teaching methods. Certified Personal Training courses taught in Vancouver.

Personal Training Personalized Fast Track

The Personal Training Personalized Fast Track Program is also a 3 course program taught over 34 hours of one on one instruction scheduled based on your availability. Typically a student will come in twice a week for two hours at a time. It is a fabulous way to take the program if you have a varied schedule or a different learning style. This course is offered in English or Mandarin. Personalized students are also welcome to attend any or all of the Fast Track Weekend courses for no extra cost.

Personal Trainer Certification Home Study/On Line Program

The Home Study Program is a 3 course program that the student completes in their own time. It includes four one hour Skype tutoring sessions to help guide the student through the learning process. In addition, students receive on-line instruction, videos, quizzes, study guides, an anatomy coloring book, a textbook, and three workbooks. The student is encouraged to complete the program within one year of the start date. Should a student feel they would benefit more from an in-class session, they may transfer to any in-class session within 12 months for no extra charge.

Full Time Diploma Program

The Full Time Personal Trainer Program is our most in depth program. It is a 5-course program that takes 12-14 weeks to complete and includes 300 hours of instruction. In this program the student will learn comprehensive knowledge such as: basic anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise analysis, exercise safety, nutrition and the fundamental principles of cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility training. The student will learn how to perform a series of physical fitness assessments, a comprehensive health screening and a heart disease risk profile assessment; develop basic and advanced fitness programs for any individual . Students will learn a wide variety of exercises, stretches and instructional methods during Apprenticeship Training Program  which will help prepare them for work in the fitness industry.

Contact our Administration staff for further questions on which program would best suit your needs and required level of learning. Once the student has completed their program they will be able to take their ACE, ACSM, BCRPA or NSCA exam. After certification we can help you to acquire interviews with several different companies in the Vancouver Fitness community.

Job Placement

Check our Fitness Career & Fitness Job Opportunities for Infofit Graduates for more exciting information on fitness jobs in Vancouver.


Cathie Glennon, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer/SFL, Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist

Personal Training Certification

Personal Training Certification from Infofit uses creative and innovative teaching techniques to accelerate your learning.