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Infofit’s Online Personal Training

An Affordable Solution That Will Provide You With Direction, Support, and Accountability

Infofit’s Online Personal TrainingLet the elite trainers from Infofit design your online personal training program and allow you to train with them anytime, anywhere!

Infofit’s online personal training will help you reach your health and fitness goals all in the convenience of the location you choose – your gym, your living room, even while you are travelling.

You will receive nutritional tips so you can maximize your training efforts to reach your fitness goals.

Infofit online personal training utilizes our training app that allows you to follow along with your personalized program when and where you are.  Your Infofit Personal trainer will stay in touch with you to guide you and answer any questions you have.

Each program will be customized to you and your goals. You will have access to your library of exercise videos 24/7

You will receive your custom calendar with workout reminders and messaging. We will be there to track your progress and motivate you along the way. The app is easy to use and mobile friendly, so take it with you on your phone or tablet.  You can also view on your laptop or desktop computer!

What you get:

  • Detailed exercise programs with descriptions and videos
  • Varying Goal Oriented workouts – general sports or conditioning workouts, HIIT, group training, cardio workouts, interval training, super sets, and progressions.
  • All workouts can be saved and printed out
  • Your trainer will track your progress, your workouts, and your nutrition
  • Follow up notes and instructions from your trainer
  • Receive meal plans to meet your nutrition goals

Stay connected with your Infofit trainer and access training and meal plans anytime from your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world.

Unlimited Monthly Online Personal Training Packages:

$99 per month, Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

Add meal planning to your program, training and meal planning $139 per month, Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

Accountability Packages (In Person with Unlimited Online)

Depending on how many sessions you want to do per month, we have a few packages that are:

  • Online plus 4 in-person sessions $377 per month
  • Online plus 8 in-person sessions  $657 per month
  • Online plus cardio push $197 per month
  • Online plus spinning $197 per month

Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

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Where to Find the Infofit Online Training App

Download the Infofit Training App for android here:

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