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Infofit is the Premiere BCRPA Certification School

A Promising Career With a BCRPA Certification

Are you interested in pursuing a personal training career? This promising industry offers a hands-on experience unlike any other. If you’re really into physical activity, you might be just the right fit with a BCRPA certification!

Becoming a Personal Trainer

best school for personal trainersIf you’re serious about making a change in your life and helping others improve their physical well-being, becoming a personal trainer is only a few steps away. If you’re also living in Canada, Infofit personally recommends that you register with the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA).

BCRPA Registration

Getting your BCRPA registration is an ideal entry point into personal training, and it will also allow you to work in the U.S. and at many vacation resorts around the world! Fortunately, your path to attaining BCRPA registration is more straightforward than ever now. Infofit is a school for fitness education that advocates following 4 simple steps toward attaining this great personal training asset. You can get registered with the BCRPA in no time.

Steps to Attain Registration With BCRPA

Look out for our next article, where we’ll break down the steps to attain the registration with BCRPA!


Infofit is in compliance with the WorkSafe BC and the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders. Personal Training Certification Courses are in person. Please visit Standards of Safety for more information.