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Interesting Yoga Trends

yoga trendsAerial yoga is the new yoga trend

As a Certified Personal Trainer I am always looking at new interesting fitness trends and Aerial yoga is certainly tailored for a person with a high level of fitness and core stability. Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga with aerial skills by using a fabric hammock or silk slings to aid the bodies positioning and alignment. The technique also involves qualities of Pilates, acrobatics and dance. Most Aerial yoga classes encompass the practice of Hatha/Vinyasa yoga which is based on a series of poses called sun salutations.

without the compression of the joints and spine

The purpose of the slings/hammocks is to help the participant better understand the body by safely lifting you off the ground which gives you an opportunity to feel it’s connection to physics or where it is in time and space. The practice also gives the spine an ability to decompress while shaping the body. The weight of the body is partially or completely supported with the help of gravity, this is achieved without the compression of the joints and spine. The body can achieve proper posture and alignment through relaxation rather than effort, therefore finding a more poised adjustment of each position or pose.

completely safe and secure

The fabric hammock is connected overhead using similar equipment utilized by rock climbers and acrobats. Done correctly the equipment is completely safe and secure, ensure you thoroughly check out the hammock attachments prior to attempting to suspend yourself.

Before attempting to begin a new exercise program, such as the new yoga trend Aerial yoga, first discuss the feasibility or safety of the practice for your current fitness level with your certified personal trainer.

By Cathie Glennon, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer/SFL, Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist

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