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Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

Kettlebell Sport training

Kettlebell Sport trainingReady to take your training to the next level? Looking to build strength and endurance at the same time? Hungry for a new challenge? Kettlebell Sport training is the answer!

We’ve all seen them at the gym; those cannonballs with handles. They’re called kettlebells, and they’re taking North America by storm. Originating from Russia and weighing anywhere from 8 to 48 kilograms (17.6 to 105.8 pounds), these odd looking hand-weights have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. So much so that kettlebells have become a staple at any decent training facility.

Do You Know How to Clean or Jerk a Kettlebell?

Many of us will have used kettlebells for squats and lunges, a farmer’s walk, or have given the infamous double arm swing a go. But do you know how to clean or jerk these things? If you don’t, you are missing out on an awesome opportunity to train all the performance components of fitness (i.e.: speed, power, coordination, balance, agility, and reaction time) at the same time …. talk about efficiency!

Kettlebell Sport (also called ‘Girevoy Sport’)

Kettlebell Sport (also called ‘Girevoy Sport’) is a sport consisting of three events: jerk, snatch, and long cycle. During these events, one or two kettlebells of a set weight are lifted continuously for maximum repetitions in a cyclical manner over a certain amount of time. In international, professional competitions, men compete with 32kg, and women compete with 24kg kettlebells. Now, moving that weight overhead once or twice may not sound like such a big deal to you, but try doing it continuously for TEN MINUTES… (we’re talking 200+ repetitions)!

Type of Training Anyone Can Benefit From

Have I peeked you interest yet? Good! The sub-maximal load and combination of strength and endurance, makes kettlebell sport training not only one of the most efficient ways to train, but also a type of training that anyone can benefit from. So it’s time for you to hop on the bandwagon. Whether you are a serious lifter looking for a new type of challenge, an endurance junkie wanting to build some strength, a busy working professional wanting maximum results in minimal time, or an older adult hoping to age gracefully, you will find your answer in kettlebell sport. You too can learn these movements, and even if you aren’t interested in competing yourself, use them to for yourself and your clients to improve overall fitness, intensify HIIT sessions, build strength and endurance for other sports, or simply fight the aging process.

The Answer is Kettlebell Sport

Join us at Executive Lifestyles gym on May 14th for VanCity Kettlebell’s ‘Intro to Kettlebell Sport’ workshop. No previous experience required.

written by: Rhonda Kuiper, a Vancouver-based personal trainer, nutritionist, kettlebell instructor, and CMS kettlebell sport competitor. Together with Trifon Marchovski and Jeff Thornhill, she is one of the founders of VanCity Kettlebell, and as such, will assist during this upcoming workshop.

Introduction to Kettlebell Sport Workshop

No previous experience required

This workshop is perfect for group fitness instructors and personal trainers.