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Muscle Tests and Corrections

Infofit was again proud to participant in the Work Out to Conquer Cancer!

Attending were 500 very fun and enthusiastic fitness fiends along with a group of our amazing Infofit students and trainers who monitored the crowd with their elite certified personal training skills! There was a fantastic line up of fitness icons leading the work outs.

Muscle Tests and Corrections

Our own dynamic Andre Noel Potvin discussed muscle tests and corrections to help with neck or back pain and headaches from muscle imbalances. In case you missed the event, we streamed Andre live on Periscope. Learn about some very interesting quick fixes to complex problems.

He discussed several key points on how and why we experience pain and gave exercise corrections to help. An explanation was given about how and why headaches occur initially, and then there was a demonstration about reducing pain with neck retractions.

Next came a shoulder flexibility test;  take your right hand and stick it straight up in the air, bend your elbow and touch the back of your right shoulder with your right hand. With your left hand reach around behind your back and with your palm facing out try to join both hands together between your shoulder blades. Once you have accomplished this with one side repeat the process with the other side.

Check out the behind the back towel stretch to help correct shoulder tightness.

Also shown was an over head reach test for shoulder mobility; reach over your head, trying to get your biceps in line with your ears while laying on the floor.

A child’s pose posture was demonstrated with some modification to stretch the latissimus dorsi more effectively.

The last test was the hamstring flexibility test; this is a very important range of motion test that everyone should do consistently.  Most people develop tight hamstrings through daily activity such as walking and from long period of sitting at a desk. There are several hamstring stretches to help with this common issue, shown was a supine hamstring stretch on the floor.

Learn more about Infofit’s 1 ½ hour Pain and Posture Functional Analysis test.  Contact us if you are interested in booking this test.

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By Cathie Glennon, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer/SFL