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Optimize Your Weight Loss Potential with State of the Art Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing Package

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Resting Metabolic Rate

Have you ever wondered “how many calories should I eat?” or “How can I lose weight without sacrificing my lean muscle mass?” The key to answering these questions is to measure your resting metabolic rate and your Sub Max VO2. Your resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body is burning to maintain vital body functions. Once this number is known weight management is now a matter of simple arithmetic. An individual can now accurately calculate their unique daily dietary allowance and caloric expenditure which will enable them to lose or gain weight.

Your resting metabolism in influenced by several factors:

  • Crash Dieting – Our metabolic rate increases during digestions, there fore when you deprive your body of food, your metabolism slows down
  • Body Composition – muscle is more metabolically active than fat, therefore the leaner the individual the higher the metabolism
  • Age – It appears that our RMR gradually declines at a rate of approximately 2% per decade after the age of 30. However, this decrease is primarily the result of muscle loss.
  • Activity Level – Exercise burns calories, even after you stop exercising the effect continues. The more active an individual is, calories will be burned faster and for a longer time.
  • Body Surface Area – This is a reflection of your height and weight. If a tall person and a short person of equal weight follow that same diet (calorie controlled) to maintain weight the shorter person will gain up to 15lbs more.

How to raise Your Metabolism – Practically and Safely

  • Regular Exercise – This should be aerobic exercise that makes you breathe more heavily. Exercises that build muscles are helpful as well.
  • Eat Regularly (especially Breakfast) – To benefit from the thermal effect of food and ensure your body burns calories willingly, you must eat breakfast and regularly throughout the day.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet – This will help to maintain a good supply of nutrients which in turn keeps your metabolism working smoothly.

Sub Max VO2 Testing

The term Sub Max VO2 is defines as a person’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption. One could compare an individual’s Sub Max VO2 to an Indianapolis 500 racecar driver knowing his car’s efficiency at different speeds. The Cardio Coach measures the volume of oxygen one’s body consumes at various levels of intensity. Since there is a direct relationship between oxygen consumption and calories burned the Cardio Coach can determine how many calories are being burned at each intensity level.

What will knowing your SubMax VO2 determine?

  • You will now be able to train in your precise heart rate zones, based on accurate derivation. Knowing your peak heart rate will help to design a program that improves your cardiovascular strength without over training.
  • This test also measure show many calories your body is burning at different intensities. Now you can know what heart rate level to exercise at to accelerate maximal caloric expenditure and optimize fat burning
  • The results from this test will now allow us to provide you with a personalized cardiovascular program based on your individual needs and goals.

Understanding Your Workout Zones:

Low Intensity Zone: In this zone your body is using only aerobic energy sources. This is best for burning fat. More oxygen is required to burn fat or fuel, your heart and lungs easily provide the needed oxygen for your activity

Moderate Intensity Zone: As you increase the intensity in this zone your body increases the amount of anaerobic energy needed. Your heart and lungs are more challenged to meet oxygen demands. You can maintain this level for a long time before becoming fatigued.

High Intensity: In this zone your body is heavily relying on anaerobic energy resources. You will rapidly build an oxygen debt therefore producing lactic acid. You will not be able to maintain this level of exertion for long periods of time.

Peak Intensity Zone: This is your highest intensity level when caloric expenditure is maximal – based o your peak heart rate measured during the test. Effort in this zone will be of a very short duration.

Fitness Testing Package

Consultation with a Clinical Exercise Specialist We review your profile to determine the best approach to your customized training

Resting Metabolic Rate Test We measure your caloric expenditure and oxygen to carbon-dioxide use so you can maximize your weight loss and increase muscle definition.

Cardiovascular Aerobic Fitness Sub-Max Test (VO2) Save hours of training time and effort by training smarter and not harder.


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