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Feel Good

Feel Good logoFEEL GOOD is Hiring! Infofit Graduates are Preferred.

We need you! We’re looking for outgoing, energetic people who have a passion for people and helping them realize the benefits of adding exercise into their busy lives.

We are not your normal gym, our focus is on creating a warm welcoming, inclusive environment, where all body types and fitness levels are celebrated. We provide group workouts that focus on building strength, increasing cardio capacity and getting our clients bodies ready for the everyday activities they love. That could be anything from general day to day living to skiing to training for a triathlon. 

Our main aim is to create a community that ultimately makes people Feel Good inside. 

What we offer to clients:

We currently offer workouts 6 days a week. Monday/Wednesday/Fridays we offer strength focused classes. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday are aimed at endurance and increasing your cardio output.  We combine classic strength training, with high intensity interval training and a sprinkling of Crossfit inspired challenges. Accessible doesn’t mean easy, we’re here to challenge and inspire but take all the intimidation out of your classic gym environment.

About you:

  • You care about people, your mission is to inspire and encourage.
  • You are a certified Personal Trainer and Infofit Graduate.
  • Some work experience is beneficial, but we can always teach our ways to the right person. Don’t let lack of experience put you off from applying.
  • You shine in front of an audience, being comfortable to use your personality in this situation is key!
  • Music. Our workouts are designed to pump people up and music is a key element to this. Creating a playlist that fits the energy of a class is paramount, top 40’s is not our jam.

What you get in return:

  • An awesome place to call home. This isn’t just a job but a place to find your true calling.
  • A team of caring and compassionate people.
  • Above average starting wage and an incentivized bonus scheme.
  • 5 – 10 hours of group classes per week.
  • Personal Training clients and a space to use as your own.
  • Mentorship and opportunity to let your individual skills shine.
  • Team Events and celebrations.
  • Community.

If you are interested in a position or finding out more about us check out our website and socials.


Please send your resume and a short email to [email protected] 

Here are 3 questions you could include in your email:

  1. What does your ideal birthday look like?
  2. What do you do to make yourself Feel Good?
  3. What song would you like to be played at your funeral?