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How to Fill Your Personal Training Business and Keep Client Coming Back

Your Personal Training Business

Personal Training BusinessNew Personal trainers often get their certification and then struggle to build their personal training business, even if they do a fantastic job with their clients. The result is often worrying about money leading to frustration and causing you doubts about staying in business.

The stress and worry about money often makes new trainers overlook booking times outside of business hours. It can make you lax on your cancellation policy or has you discounting sessions because you are stressing about needing money. These problems all result in a broken up schedule that creates erratic income flow. And has you dealing with customers you would rather not work with due to their lack of commitment.

Personal Trainers Often Forget About Learning the Business of Personal Training

Ideally building a client base should be fun and as enjoyable as working with your clients. We all want to see a situation where we can easily attract a steady flow of clients, and our clients value our service, so money exchange is comfortable. The ideal business model is possible for any trainer who has the drive and the desire to work hard and deliver outstanding service. Most of the time it just takes willingness and a little bit of guidance from the right people to make your business flourish.

First and Foremost Invest in a Marketing System

Search around on the internet, and you will find an abundance of marketing systems that cater specifically to personal trainers and takes the guesswork out of how to sell your services. Make sure you check out their reviews to see if their clients are happy with results and if the system seems easy to use. Make sure you don’t get locked into any long-term contracts before you see what the results are going to be. The other option is to start learning how to do the marketing for yourself.

Even the most elite personal trainer needs to be able to market themselves to make their company name known so clients can find you. Marketing needs to be consistent to attract new clients for your personal training business.

5 Quick Tips on How to Market Your Personal Training Business

  • Make a Website – When people go to find a personal training business the first place they look is online. Therefore, a major part of any marketing plan is a website that will highlight your education, skills and experience. Your website should feature a blog that will help to establish you as an expert in your niche market. There are several “drag and drop” sites that are easy to work with for you and easy to navigate for your potential client.
  • Word of Mouth – Personal Trainers tend to garner a lot of business from word of mouth by other clients. Have a testimonial section on your website with referrals from satisfied customers. Offer current clients incentives to help you procure new clients. Add on a free session to their new package if you sign a referral from them or have them bring a friend to their workout for free.
  • Social Media Platforms – Social media is a major component to putting a spotlight on yourself. Social media is used in many different ways for marketing. Initially, the first thing you need to do is make a business page on all of your chosen platforms. You need to make sure your brand has a clear and concise look that people will recognize instantly. It is important to remember, in today’s day and age, that people don’t like the “hard sell”. Offer free information through articles, before and after pictures of clients and point them towards your website for details on your services for your personal training business. Remember to keep your pages professional.
  • Network with other Health Professionals – Make appointments with other health professionals to introduce yourself as a potential referral network. It is also important for you to be able to confidently refer a client to a physiotherapist, chiropractor, Naturopathic physician or massage therapist. Having a network will establish you as a health professional.
  • Networking Events – Search through any Chamber of Commerce and you will be able to find business networking events. You should also be looking out for health expos or seminars that would attract people who would be looking for your services.

These tips will help your business thrive and keep you attracting new clients. However, once you start establishing your client base, there will still be ups and downs with keeping your business flourishing.

Many trainers forget in their pursuit of increasing their personal training business, the most important part of a business is keeping loyal clients happy. Many people have problems getting and staying motivated with programs once they have been set up. When they fall off the proverbial wagon, you lose a client, so it is important to keep them interested and engaged with meeting their goals.

One of the first things to remember is that a one-size fit all approach is not an effective way to get results. When meeting with a new client, it is important to make a tailor made program. Each client should be given a program based on initial testing, so they feel they are going to get results in a quick and concise manner. Another thing to take into account with clients in their likes and dislikes; they won’t get results if they don’t do their program. Be aware of their budget as well; not all people can afford to see a personal trainer several times a week.

However, you will also run into clients who have problems committing and remaining focused on a program. Personal trainers have all been there; we have a schedule set up, and then people start to cancel. You should expect occasional cancellations from clients; people get sick or have work and family emergencies. Those types of cancellations are standard, and you can expect that occasionally but it shouldn’t totally take your client of the track to making their goals.

When you run into clients who you have problems getting to commit, it helps if you send out little reminders to keep them on track. You would be surprised at how far a quick text message, email or phone call check-in will go to help keep someone motivated and coming back.

It also helps to use technology to keep them on track. Have your clients set up an activity tracker that you review with them once a week either by email or in person. Send your client home with homework, so they know exactly what they need to be doing to stay on track. You could also set up a Facebook page for your clients to connect. They will feel like they have a community to lean on when they are feeling unmotivated. You will find this sort of support will take some of the pressure off of you. Keep track of milestones with your clients and celebrate them! Put up a post with a digital high-five and encourage other people to offer congratulations.

Building a personal training business by attracting new clients, while maintaining current ones, can be a challenge. You need to keep balance not only for them but also for yourself. Set yourself up for success by having all the right business tools set up to attract and maintain clients. You will find with the right effort and a few technological helpers you will be able to build a personal training business that thrives.

Cathie Glennon – BCRPA/SFL, Rehabilitation Specialist, Pharm Tech (Level 3)

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