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Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk Debate

Raw (unpasteurized) milk contains valuable enzymes and bacteria

Did you know that raw (unpasteurized) milk contains valuable enzymes and bacteria that have been shown to strengthen your immune system, develop healthy bacteria in your intestines and reduce the risks of everything from respiratory disease to obesity?  Sometime ago we shared an article discussing health risks with dairy consumption. With this in mind, there is an on going debate about milk, pasteurized or raw, its harms and benefits.  Pasteurization destroys both good and bad bacteria.

Pasteurization destroys both good and bad bacteria.

The FDA claims that there is a risk of people get sick from drinking raw milk and many states restrict or prohibit the sale of raw milk entirely. In all fairness, raw milk has taken a bad wrap when compared to other FDA approved foods. According to CDC data, from 1993 to 2006 there were only about 116 illnesses a year linked to raw milk — that amounts to less than .000002 percent of the 76 million people who contract a food-borne illness in the United States each year!

Raw-vs-Pasteurized milk

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