Brianna Bruder

Just got hired!!

Hi Sylvain,

Just wanted to email you and let you know that I just got hired on at my local gym as a weight trainer. I began with Fit Theory in the fall with Infofit, and I let the manager of the gym know that I was in the process of certifying and wanted to work there, and out of the blue yesterday he called me and asked if I could come in and talk about working for the gym. Pretty cool! I already have 7 clients that I’ll be taking on for 12 weeks starting on the 18th! Wow. I’ll be starting as an on-floor resource for a couple weeks so people get to know me. I’m pretty excited.

Also, I wanted to thank you for the awesome Weight Training course you led two weeks ago. My friend Becca and I had a great couple weekends, and I personally gained a lot of confidence in my skills and abilities going forward into the industry. Thanks for everything!