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I was prepared for BCRPA and ACE certification!

I’ve got to be really was a little bit intimidating at first… but everyone at Infofit was so friendly and helpful! I got through everything in a very positive environment. If you’re looking into getting certified… it could be overwhelming. (Fit Theory course, Infofit final exam, bcrpa fit theory exam, Weight Training course, Infofit final exam, ICE exam, Personal Training course, Infofit final exam, BCRPA personal training exam, ACE exam)

That’s just how I chose to do it… It depends which certificate you’d like to get. No matter which certification you’d like to obtain, I can assure you that Infofit exceeds the expectation of the utmost professionalism and they will make sure that you get the best education and knowledge for your future career. I’d like to thank Andre and Sylvain for helping me through with the exam preparations. Sylvain was my course instructor and he would often go out of his way to send me extra teaching material that would help me understand things better.

Through the personalized Personal Training course, I was prepared for BCRPA and ACE certification! The best thing is, you’ll also get Infofit certified!