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Run or Walk Your Meeting

Take a Walking or Running Meeting!

walk your meetingThat the voice the of heath and fitness is in our minds more than ever. Businesses, health professionals and insurance companies take aim at the sedentary lifestyle to reduce risk for disease and help lead a healthier, long life. Elite personal trainer educator Andre Noel Potvin recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise everyday of the week. But how is that possible for people who work long hours at desk jobs all day? Take a walking or running meeting! This activity energizes people and makes them more alert.

Walk Your Meeting and Stimulate Creativity

Exposure to the different environments, outdoors and in nature, stimulates creativity, inspires new ideas, and improves our physical and mental well-being. Running and walking, side by side meetings, cuts through the hierarchical distinctions and sets a bond. This bond enhances a positive working spirit. Not only burning calories, but a run / walking meeting stimulates oxygen flow around the body that increases brain function. This increase in brain function increases your ability to solve problems faster.

How to Prepare an “Walk Your Meeting” Working Meeting:

1. With permission consider recording the meeting which can be synced to a computer
2. Send staff a memo to wearing comfortable shoes
3. Best to consider the meeting for early in the day and/or late in the afternoon when energies are spent.
4. Be sure to match workers fitness levels to the distance of the meet.

Ready to Run/Walk at Work?

The run/walking meeting will help people stay fit, break up the work day and in whole make for a more joyful working community. Ready to run/walk at work?

Take a walk or run meeting

The Science of Living Well

Learn how Living Well Can Change Your Life

There are many theories surrounding the idea of “how” we age. In this one hour information session, Dr. Cory Holly will review our current understanding of the subject and also discuss a few of these theories regarding living well.