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Schroth Exercise Method For Scoliosis

A back with Scoliosis can resemble an “S” or an “?”

Scoliosis is is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. It is a complex deformity, and when viewed on an X-ray or from the back it can resemble an “S” or an “?”.

ScoliosisOver the years there has been a variety of spine rehabilitation treatments for Scoliosis some of which include the patient wearing a back brace, physical exercise therapy and surgery to correct the curvature. But now there may be another treatment: it is an exercise regimen called the Schroth method. Developed in the 1920’s in Germany by Katherina Schroth, the technique has become a standard treatment for scoliosis in children and adults in several European countries.

Schroth method

The scoliosis exercise rehabilitation therapy, which is tailored to each patient’s curves, focuses on 4 main points which include halting curve progression, reducing pain, and improving posture, strength and lung function. The exercises include stretching, strengthening and some breathing techniques that counteract the rotation of spinal curvatures. Patients are encouraged to do the exercises at home and incorporate postural correction into their daily lives.

There is plenty of evidence that when done correctly, in the right situation, with the right therapist and the right patient, the Schroth exercise method can improve the patients spine curve progression.

exercise rehabilitation specialist

Patients are beginning to take note of how this rehabilitation exercise method could potentially correct their posture and are seeking treatment from qualified exercise rehabilitation specialist, as in the case of 15 year old girl who sought out treatment options to correct her 42-degree curve that did not include surgery. The patient reported that after 3 days, she was free of pain for the first time in 5 years from receiving treatment using the Schroth Method for 8 months, her curve had decreased to 30 degrees.

If you suffer from Scoliosis and are looking for treatment options, consider the Schroth Method, as others have had success using it. As with any treatment, I do recommend doing as much research as possible to educate yourself and as well as speaking with your primary physician about their thoughts to come up with a plan of action together that will work best for you.

This article is crafted by Lisa Gervais, BCRPA-SFL. BCRPA and ACE Certified Personal Trainer


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