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Social Media ROI for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers Should be Actively Participating in Social Media

Many social media experts will tell personal trainers that they should be actively participating in social media. They will point you to their cool Youtube videos, Pinterest boards, Twitter and Facebook fan pages they’ve made and then say,

“See, you can do this, too.”

They’re right!  The question is:  Should you?

social media for personal trainersA commitment in social media marketing for your personal trainers fitness business depends on whether it can…

  • Save you money.
  • Make you money.

If you can not accomplish one of those two goals, then you have no business engaging in it. Why? Because participating in social media takes time and is expensive. We all know everyone say’s how cheap it is… but they are not thinking like business owners. They’re thinking like people who only know how to create a Facebook account, Youtube Channel or on Twitter. Creating an account on many of the social media tools and networks is free but that’s where free ends.

Only 12% Feel They Are Using Social Media Effectively

A recent Harvard Business review survey showed that only 12% of companies feel that they are using social media effectively. If you want to consider social media as your business tool, you need to use some resources of care and feeding. It requires a well-conceived strategy of your brand integration that costs time and money.

Instead of practicing at it like a slot machine, answer these questions listed below and you can enter sure footed knowing your return on that investment.  If your answers indicate that social media would be a smart investment for your business to make, then go for it. 

Will Adding Social Media to My Personal Training Marketing Save Me Money?

  • Will it be efficient in connecting me to existing customers?
  • Will it allow me to stop doing something I am currently doing?
  • Will it allow me to expand something I am currently doing?
  • Will it help me save on my customer acquisition costs?
  • Will I be able to use it to create a community specifically for my customers?
  • Will it be easier for my customers to share a positive word of mouth about me?
  • Will it connect me to new potential clients at a low lead-generation cost?
  • Will it make me easy to locate (either within the social network or on search engines)?
  • Will it change my websites SEO search engine results (so I  don’t have to pay someone for it)?

Will Adding Social Media to My Personal Training Marketing Strategy Make Me Money?

  • Will it shorten my sales process?
  • Will it give me credibility and trust faster among prospects?
  • Can I establish myself as the expert?
  • Will it shorten my customer service response time?
  • Will it create a sense of accessibility for my customers?
  • Will it increase trial of my service?
  • Will it allow me to connect with more prospects at once?
  • Will it increase repeat customers?
  • Can I collect or use testimonials?

How to Market your Personal Training Business

CEC's: BCRPA 3.5, ACSM 3.5

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