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Kim Unrau

With the help of an Infofit Educator’s Personal Trainer, I saw the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which in turn inspired me to become certified as a personal trainer.

I began working with Infofit Personal Trainer, Cathie Glennon, because I was in chronic pain and poor health, which was a result of my poor lifestyle decisions. I saw such a change in myself personally, that I decided to become a certified personal trainer and inspire others to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

My passion is to help seniors to stave off frailty, and help them develop strategies to maintain their productivity, independence and quality of life in a safe and comfortable environment.

I believe that a balanced and healthy lifestyle, with exercise and creative movement in everyday activities, will help seniors to maintain their independence. Allowing them to be productive in all activities of everyday living, up until a ripe old age.


I believe the groundwork of all happiness is Health.

Professional Accreditation:

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Infofit Certified
  • Senior Fitness Specialty Certification AAHF

An outdoor enthusiast, Kim enjoys

  • Cycling
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Hiking
KIm Unrau