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The NSCA Certification: Strength, Conditioning, Success

NSCA certification is one of the industry’s finest

Are you interested in earning a new certification or perhaps embarking on a new career as a personal trainer? The NSCA certification is one of the industry’s finest. You may have read my previous blog post that introduced this excellent opportunity, and I wanted to return to the subject today to tell you more about both the certification and its parent organization.

Cutting-edge information

NSCA Certified personal trainerThe National Strength and Conditioning Association specializes in developing and presenting the most cutting-edge information about  strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and research findings. Their self-proclaimed mission is to bridge the gap between scientists and practitioners like (like personal trainers who hold the NSCA certification for example).

The group offers two certifications: the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Infofit offers the NSCA-CPT certification, which has fewer qualifications and offers a great entry point into a personal training career.

This NSCA certification requires the following prerequisites:
• 18 years old
• High School Diploma
• CPR or AED certified
• Pass the NSCA Certification examination

Plus, once you earn your NSCA Certification, you’ll have access to the most advanced techniques,  strength and conditioning practices,  injury prevention methods, and the latest research on everything in the field.

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