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Striving to be Skinny – Don’t fall into this trap!

The Desire to be ‘Skinny’ is Very Much Alive

striving to be skinnyIt is beyond easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be skinny and wanting it now. Speaking as someone who founded a health food line, I can honestly say I am just as guilty of wanting this exact same thing from time to time.

Drastic diets to quickly lose ten pounds in ten days, diet pills, drops, shots, meal replacement drinks­­ everywhere you look there is an advertisement on how to lose weight. It is absolutely inescapable and despite what we know about fitness, health and eating right. The desire to be ‘skinny’ is still very much alive. Regardless of the irregular hormones and malnourished bodies, we still see a diet of chicken breast, white fish, broccoli and rice with very low calories all to reach a body type like those we see in magazines and the size 0 mannequins in a shop window.

Weight has become our main focus, how we look on the outside has become more important than how we feel on the inside­­ mentally, emotionally and physically.

Striving to be Skinny has Major Flaws

In case you missed it, or like me and need a gentle reminder from time to time ­­striving to be skinny has major flaws. Being skinny is not being healthy and it does not equate to happiness, it breeds a damaging mindset counter-productive to any weight loss success and striving to be skinny is actually one of the worst ways to lose weight!

I won’t speak for everyone, but I will say this: I do not feel good and I am definitely not happy when I am not eating well. I lose focus and concentration; I am short tempered and have no patience for the people around me. My hair is dry and my nails are brittle and my face looks pale and tired. I realized that I had become anxious, I could not stay in the present moment. I began looking to the future and fixating on when I will be as skinny and fit as I wanted to be.

This fixation on the future never allowed me to appreciate the body I was currently living in and I was miserable. Never able to chase down that ‘skinny’ body. When you spend every day promising yourself that you will be strict and finding yourself gravitate towards sugary carbs by noon it creates a harmful mindset that you have ‘failed’, you have let yourself down­­ you feel weak. In the fight for a healthy life, the last thing you want or need is to not be your own cheerleader!

So how do we find and maintain a healthy weight and most importantly, live a life that can be enjoyed? How do we stay physically fit with schedules that are already maxed out with increased work hours and family responsibilities?

Balance of Good food, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Kind to Your Body!

It comes down to balance. Balance of good food, healthy eating habits, physical activity and being kind to your body.

Step one – Outsmart the cycle!

While this isn’t everything to overhaul your diet, these are two fantastic and helpful steps!

Step 2 – Love yourself exactly how you are at this exact moment.

If I love myself at this very moment I will want to take care of my body. I will not want to feed it bad food that will make me feel like crap after I eat it. Eating well is a sign of self-respect.

Step 3 – Don’t beat yourself up, set an alarm instead!

Do you ever promise yourself you will not eat junk today and then by noon you’re feasting on a burger or doughnut? You feel bad about yourself because you didn’t keep your promise, you feel weak because you lacked the willpower. It is not your fault. Your body is in survival mode. If you are hungry it will instinctively go for the foods high in calories.

In order to prevent this it is extremely important to eat every three hours. I recommend eating 20 grams of protein with each meal and ten grams of protein with each snack. This helps balance your blood sugar levels and keeps you from going to the junk. So stop beating yourself up and set an alarm in your phone to eat every three hours. Even if you aren’t overly hungry eat that snack!

Setting yourself up for success is a huge part. You have to be prepared or prepare to fail. Physically this is making sure you have your protein snack and you set your alarm. Mentally, this is ensuring that at the end of every day you are happy with your efforts, you forgive yourself for small hiccups and you take stock of the beautiful, hard­working body you have in this very moment. So instead of striving to be skinny, follow these steps and you will set yourself up for success!

Nutritional Lies of so called “healthy foods”

Listen and learn about the many so called “healthy foods” that:

  • Cause more damage and do the opposite to what is advertised
  • Cause your blood cells to clump-up and interfere with circulation
  • Create an anticipated addiction that weakens the immune system
  • Actually increase free radical pathways that lead to cancer
  • Rob the body of life-giving energy and propagate internal disease
  • Cause depression, anxiety, increase your need for medical attention
  • And More Nutritional Lies…

Credit to Erika Brown, founder Fitness Foods

Founder, Erika Brown has had a love for food since she was little. After graduating from Culinary school in 2004 she found herself working endless hours in a kitchen with little reward. Having no time for her family and constantly being sick, tired and overweight she knew something had to change. Searching for a more fulfilling future she became a personal cook for a holistic lifestyle coach. He introduced Erika to the world of health. He was dedicated to eating clean and it was part of his lifestyle. Erika began to understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects our daily lives. For almost 10 years now Erika has dedicated her life to cooking and nutrition providing people with busy lifestyles fresh and healthy meals.

Certified Sports Performance and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Students will learn how to create individualized protocols to assist clients with a wide variety of health and fitness objectives, from body composition, sports performance and longevity.