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The Personal Training Business Investor

Own Your Personal Training Business

Who would ever thought that you could have your own Fitness on the Go personal training business backed by a highly experienced management team for only $300 per month? This includes an injection of $1000 of powerful advertising to get your business going. For the first time ever,’Fitness on the Go‘s’ founder Dan Mezheritsky is offering that.

Generating $1,500,000

Dan started ‘Fitness on the Go’ seven years ago after generating $1,500,000 in his first three years as a personal trainer in Vancouver. It began as an in-home personal training business service that now has trainers servicing five provinces.

andre noel potvin tommy europe‘Fitness on the Go’s forces got really strong when Dan teamed up with Andre Noel Potvin, President of Infofit and recipient of  numerous BCRPA awards for excellence,  and Tommy Europe – Canada’s best-known personal trainer and host of  ‘The Last 10lbs Boot Camp” and “Bulging Brides’.  Andre and Tommy provide premium guidance to Fitness on the Go’s trainers with   ‘The Personal Trainer Program.’

The idea started when Dan began to see flaws with a simple employee structured personal training business. “It wasn’t that my employees were upset with the wage I was paying, it was the client that was upset” says Dan. “The clients wanted their trainer – the trainer they like – to get the money, not some corporation.”

Here is How ‘The Personal Training Business Program’ Works:

Based on a certain criteria, Dan selects the personal trainers he wants to invest in. He then combines their forces with his comprehensive management team of public relations, advertising manager, graphic designer, search engine optimization, proprietary operating software for clients and trainers, 24/7 call centre, administration team for billing  and collections, and importantly, on-going fitness education and a business coach. With these skills and techniques, ‘The Personal Trainer Program‘ is  designed to help ‘Fitness on the Go‘ more effectively put more money in to their personal trainers wallet!

‘Fitness on the Go’ More Effectively Puts More Money in to Their Personal Trainers’ Wallet!